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So yesterday the team from Removal Companies Liverpool came around and took charge of our long awaited house move. My fiancée was unsure about what to expect so we phoned up and asked how the staff would typically handle the respective areas of a home, from the bathroom through to the kitchen and bedrooms. We wanted to know how they would normally go about moving things like fridges, freezers and even bunk beds like in our case. Our two kids share a room with bunk beds, and part of the removals process therefore had to involve moving a non-convertible bunk bed frame into the removals van! We hadn’t a clue how it was even possible, but thankfully the company were willing to explain their approach to such an obstacle. Next thing you know the bunk beds are unscathed, intact and sitting pretty in our new home!

– J. Phelps

When Liverpool Removals said they were the best in the business, I was of course skeptical. Doesn’t every company say that? Well, turns out they actually meant it and proved that their actions met up with their words. They were so professional and reliable and did a wonderfully efficient moving job. I was so impressed with their services, and won’t doubt them again! I’ll be keeping their contact details handy in case I need to move anything again.

– Helen T

I knew I needed some help with my house move but I didn’t know which service was right for me. LiverpoolRemovals gave me lots of useful and great advice and I ended up hiring a removal van from them. The van was cheap compared to lots of other places I’d looked at, and it was big enough to fit in all of my furniture without any problems! I can’t fault this company because they definitely know what they’re doing!

– Kelsey F

As the manager of a reliable office products company I know how important it is to work with real professionals. And you, at Liverpool Removals, proved to be such. Thank you for the quick office removal that you organised and completed for us.

– Robert J.

When I was asked to move out as soon as possible by my landlords, who decided to sell the house, I panicked. But having you by my side helped me to survive the change as painlessly as possible and I am grateful for that.

– John M.

Soon after my husband and I made the decision to move to Liverpool to a bigger house, we realized what a nightmare moving could be. So we quickly admitted that we needed the professional assistance of a removal company. Removals Liverpool handled the move perfectly instead of us.

– Amy M.

I’d been advised by a close friend to hire the professional services for the move I was planning to do, and I can now say that I am happy that I listened to him. I can’t even imagine how much time I would need to cope with all the packing, loading, transporting and unpacking!

– Ronald L.

In search of better work, it turned out that I had to move to a bigger city to find my dream job. I entrusted the whole removal process to you so that I could focus on starting my new job and getting adjusted to a new place. Thank you for not letting me down on this tough task.

– Jessy B.

After a lot of research and a couple of recommendations from relatives we decided to pick you for our move. From the first moment that I contacted the courteous call center agents to the last unpacking services that the movers did, I can only thank you for the professionalism and the diligent work you did.

– Anna S.

As a single mother with two kids, I knew from the beginning that any removal would be beyond my strengths. So I hired you to be able to focus on the other details that I had going on in my life. And I’m glad that I did so.

– Stella P.

I was a bit skeptical about my removal since I only had a few days only to do it, but you proved to be the professionals that you claimed to be.

– Brad S.

The thing which impressed me the most about your service was the affordable price you charged me, which was exactly the same as the free quote I got in the beginning.

– Barney R.

You did a fantastic job with my move and the next I have to move I know which company to choose.

– Eva A.

With your help my move turned out to be the most stress-free and quick removal that I have ever experienced. Thank you for the fast work. I don’t want to think how I would have dealt with it without you.

– Samantha W.