Liverpool’s L1 postcode is right at the heart of the City Centre. That means there’s shops, services and accommodation (both student and not) all over the place. The Liverpool One outdoor shopping centre is located here, and it’s the largest open air shopping centre in the UK, and the tenth largest in the world. So if you want to do some serious shopping, the L1 is the place to be. With such a wide variety of businesses on offer, it’s not surprising to note that there’s plenty of moving companies in this area. Some are based within the city centre, others not, but you’d better believe they’re all available to serve this area. So, what can you expect from your standard L1 moving company?

To answer this question, you’ve got to ask yourself; why are you hiring a moving company in the first place? Most likely, it’s to speed up the removal process and make it less of a stressful endeavour. That, is what the good removal companies aim to do – they’re going to be handling all of the heavy lifting and loading that you want to avoid. Not only that, but they’ll be handling everything with care, too. The well trained and conscientious staff will load up all of your moving boxes, and will take care not to break anything. They will do all this with great efficiency, too.

These are the biggest advantage to hiring a removal company, they’ll take you through every step of the journey efficiently, but you can still be sure that everything will be in one piece at the other side. Dependability, reliability and friendly customer service, then, are three of the most important things to expect from a removal company. These are the three things that are most necessary when taking on a potentially stressful move. Everything will be done well, within a reasonable time frame, and with a smile. It’s all well and good talking about what a removal company should be offering, but we shouldn’t downplay another of the important issues; the price. A good L1 removal company should offer all of the advantages above, but it also needs to be within your budget.

You can make sure you find a removal company with all of these high points simply by shopping around, and taking heed of removal reviews. By looking at removal reviews you can tell which companies offer the right balance of good service and price, and which ones you should avoid. While you are looking at the reviews, make a short list of the ones that are worth your time, then start to contact them for price estimates.

In order to make a price estimate, the removal companies need to take a bunch of variables into account, most notably the distance you’re going to travel and the size of the load you’ll be taking. So with that in mind, you should make a couple of estimates of your own first;

• Look up on the distance you’ll need to travel (in both miles and kilometres) and make a note of the postcode you’ll be going to. This allows them to make their own distance estimate and make their own route.
• Make a note of how many moving boxes you’ll be taking, as well as how many pieces of furniture, and make a rough weight estimate. An approximate figure will do fine.

After you’ve made these price estimates, simply hire the moving company that offers the best balance between price and good service. Be aware that you’ve got a full estimate too – some companies are known to keep additional service costs secret until after the journey’s been done. Stay aware so you don’t get a nasty surprise when you get your bill.

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