Things That You May Forget When Moving To A New Place

No matter how many times you have changed your home or office and how confident you feel that there is no way to miss anything in the end, when you arrive at the new place it always turns out that you have forgotten something essential in the previous one. And usually the previous one is miles away. The following list contains some of the most common things people tend to forget about when moving to a new place.

1. Items that you have given to be cleaned or repaired
For example shoes, clothes, etc. Make sure you have taken all those items from the repair shop or from the dry cleaner’s as it is very likely to forget about them in the mess and when it comes the time you need them you will find out they are not with you in the new place.

2. Personal documents and records
This is one of the first things, not to say the first one, you should put in your to do list when starting to plan the removal. Make sure you have all records for you and your family from your doctor, from your dentist and vet, in case you have a pet. If you should take any prescribed medicines make sure you have taken the recipe for them. Also take all records for your children new school, IDs and any other personal documents.

3. Telephone numbers and addresses of your friends, former colleagues, etc.
This is a very important list. No matter how strong you think your memory is, you will be surprised how easily people forget things and information they think cannot be forgotten. It is true that in most cases this information can be easily found on the Internet, however, it is always a good idea to make a list of the most important phone numbers and addresses.

4. Your contact information – including your new address and telephone number
Make sure you have a copy of your new address all the time with you as you cannot know when you might need it. Also make sure the man and a van company that is transporting your items knows the precise address. Put it on all boxes and luggage just in case.

5. Spare items such as keys and any other valuable items
As these items are not used very often, it is very likely that you might forget about them. Make sure you have gathered everything.

6. The mail
Even though we are living in online times there are people who still prefer to use good old mailing boxes. Make sure you have informed your post office service about the address change so that you will not lose some essential letters.

7. Books you have taken from the library, fees in clubs you are a member, bank accounts, etc.
Make sure you have returned to the library all books you have taken from there. Also decline your membership in any clubs and inform them that you are moving. Also inform your bank about the change of your address.