The Benefits of Man and Van Hire

Whether you’re moving your whole house or flat, or just need to get some furniture form one place to another, using a man and van service is the best way to experience a smooth move. Using a man and van hire is often the cheapest way of getting things from A to B; much better than a taxi, as you avoid the ridiculously expensive fares, and you get a man included in the deal! Having someone give you a hand as well as being responsible for the driving can be a great weight off of your mind, even if you have decided to get the job done under your own steam.

Hiring a man and van is great for avoiding the expense of a removal company, especially if you don’t have much to move, or far to go. Rates tend to start at £20 an hour, and once you’re outside of the M25, the charge usually reverts to a price per mile. This means you always know exactly where you are with the pricing, avoiding any nasty surprises in the bill afterwards. Finding a Man with a Van is easy, they are all over the Internet and the local ads!

Some moving companies will offer the services of another man to help out for just a tenner extra per hour, so if you have some seriously heavy objects, or you cannot lift anything because you are less than capable, or unwell, then do not despair! Make sure that your man with a van is insured however, or you may be accountable for any breakages that are not your fault. It is always best to do everything with the man that you hire, making sure that they pack the van properly, preventing everything from falling over during the drive, and then driving carefully to prevent any unnecessary damages.

Be aware that some services will not be as good as others, and for the most part, you will be paying for what you get. However, some local sorts will be cheaper for the reason that they want to attract more custom, not because they provide a less than professional service. Ring around as many removal companies and private contractors as possible to get the best deal, and do not be scared to ask to do things your way, you do not want to be at risk of being ripped off.

Get to know your route, and ride in the van with your belongings. This way you can be sure that you will not have said goodbye to your belongings, only to never see them again, and you can keep an eye on the route that the van driver uses, as they may be indulgent with the amount of time spent driving in order to get a bit more money out of you! Pack any delicate items in plenty of protective packaging, as things may move around in the back of a van unavoidably. Remove as many extremities from your items as possible, as they may get snapped if leant upon. Table legs and the feet of wardrobes will often be removable, and getting rid of them will help you manoveur the item from your property to the van and back in to your next house.

Hiring a man and a van can be a confusing and potentially risky business, but we hope that following our tips will put your mind at ease, as well as seeing you on your way to an easy operation!