Liverpool’s L3 post code area is a small and tightly knit one, but an important one nevertheless. It covers a percentage of the City Centre, which means that by moving here, you have access to a vast array of services, shops and entertainment centres. Everything you could ever need in your day to day life is available in Liverpool’s City Centre. Not only that, the L3 also covers a part of Everton – Everton Football Club’s namesake. While the club has not actually been based here, the image on the teams crest is of Prince Rupert’s Tower – a small landmark in the area.

So the L3 is Liverpool City Centre adjacent, which makes it a convenient place to live, and home to some interesting football history. It’s a fine place to move to in general, but how should you go about doing that? Well, practically the most important part of any removal is the hiring of removal services L3. Basically, there are two removal services to consider; removal companies and packing companies. Removal companies deal with the transport of your goods, and packing companies handle not only the packing, but the unpacking too. Both of these companies are important services that not only save you time, but a lot of headaches too. Here are what each of the companies do in detail, and how they will benefit your move;

Removal companies

Removal companies handle the transport of your goods, that much has been said already, but what does this mean? Well, it means that they’ll handle the heavy lifting and loading of all of your moving boxes, as well as your furniture pieces. They’ll even disassemble your flat packed furniture and fixtures, and reassemble them at the other side. They will then take all of your goods to your new home, and deposit them there with zero fuss.

What removal companies do is simple, but very effective. By handling all of the heavy lifting, it means you don’t have to over exert yourself, and risk hurting yourself and damaging any of your goods. They’re well trained and run well maintained vehicles, so they are dependable and reliable – they will ensure that everything arrives at your new home in one piece.

By hiring a L3 removal company, you basically spare yourself of all of the moving hassles. Not having to do the heavy lifting is only the start. You won’t have to hire your own van, and drive it carefully from point to point, the properly trained and polite staff will handle all of this for you. Removal companies effectively take all of the moving weight off your shoulders and are pretty much an essential service to hire when moving home.

Packing companies

While removal companies are all but essential on a medium to large move, packing (and unpacking) companies are more of a bonus, but still a highly beneficial service if you’re willing to invest the extra money. Packing companies do basically what you expect – they’ll take on as much packing as you want them to. They’ll survey their workload, and sort out all of the packaging that is necessary to keep your things safe.

What a packing company brings to the table is added convenience and security. If you’re too busy to handle all of the packing, or not confident in your own packing skills, they’ll do it all for you. Their staff are properly trained in the art of packing pretty much anything, so you can rest easy knowing that your goods have an extra layer of protection.

What both of these services have in common is that they both offer time saving and stress saving solutions to the removal process. They basically give you the extra free time to relax and consider what the next steps will be on your L3 move…

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