We all fear moving house. There are few organizational things that we have to do in our lives that take up as much time and effort as the process of moving our lives between two homes. Imagine your tax return, but with heavy ;lifting, and you’ll start to get an idea of the weight of the job. This is the reason people hire accountants to do their taxes, sometimes the hassle is just not worth the money saved by doing things on your own, and when you combine all of the effort with having to lift heavy furniture, it becomes a joke, so getting a bit of help in the form of six secrets to make your L1 move a memorable experience can be useful to say the least!

1. To start with, you must be clever with your time. Giving yourself a good head start is the best way to make sure that everything runs smoothly, as it will give you a perfect chance to make sure that you are organized enough to get everything done before the day of the move. Start planning a month in advance for a big move, and you will have a good chance of getting everything sorted in an easy and relaxed way, rather than panicking just before the big day!

2. Getting the right L1 removals team is a big part of making your move experience a good one, so do your research to make sure that your company are perfect for you. Looking at online reviews sites is a good way to work out which companies will deliver their promises, and give you some confidence in your decision. Look for companies who get consistently god reviews, and who have no track record of being late or clumsy!

3. Get the new place sorted well before the day of the move. If you have the chance to get in to the property, then you should make sure that all the decorating work that you are planning on doing is sorted well beforehand. This will obviously save you having to work around your furniture when getting larger jobs done, but will also mean that there is less risk of you damaging any of your belongings. Having the place nice when you arrive will also make the change over much more pleasant.

4. Packing your things has a certain art to it. Be wary of using too much bubble wrap and be considerate of the environment by using recycled paper when you can. Tape up all boxes securely, especially on the bottoms, to avoid accidents. Labeling the boxes with a short inventory and the room that they are destined for will mean that you have less of a panic when trying to find something, as well as making the unpacking process much easier.

5. Be aware of the Human element involved in moving house. it is easy to get wrapped up in the process and to forget that for those around you, it may be quite a daunting experience, especially for your children. Be wary of your family’s needs and plan ahead to accommodate them and others in to your schedule.

6. Be calm. This works in conjunction with point five. If you get overly stressed, then you will not be someone who anyone wants to work with, so try and keep a lid on getting over emotional or angry. This will help relations with your family as well as making sure that your removals team stay onside at all times. Planning ahead should help with this to no end, as you will not be surprised or upset by anything at the last minute.

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