There are a great many ways to save money while you are moving house. From little tricks and tips to doing the whole thing yourself, every bit of help or advice will have its pitfalls, but one element that many do not bring in to consideration is time. On a small scale, the time during the day that you move house is important, as you will be able to avoid traffic if you are clever, ad speed up the whole process fairly drastically, saving money and valuable time. If you book your L1 removals company well in advance it will cost you less, as will getting started on the packing process, as everything will be simpler and easier. If you can manage it however, a great way to save money on movers is to move house in the off season.

Moving house in an off peak part of the year will mean that you can choose freely from your pick of removals companies L1. These services will be desperate to get some work booked in, so you will be able to dictate your perfect move day as well as demanding everything that you could need for a decent price. If you combine the perfect off season move date with booking it out well in advance then you could find your savings are quite considerable, and will make up for having to move at a less desirable time, or the weather risks involved in moving during the off season.

To make sure that you are getting the best deal, call around to quite a few companies to see what their availability is like on the day that you will need them. You may discover that various firms have wildly differing prices for your move, and while this will depend on factors like the size of the company and the amount of men that they would want to use, it is always best to get some indication of the value of their services by checking on independent forums and ratings websites for testimonials as to the quality of the companies in question. When looking at these sites, make sure you find a company who receives trustworthy and consistent reviews, rather than over the top and likely fake, or negative comments. You want your company to be reliable above all else, so make sure that there is no talk of them being late or inexperienced or clumsy, as this is a sure fire way to make your move a nightmare.

When you have found a few decent companies who can do your move date, try testing each one out in terms of moving on the price. You may find that mentioning another service can panic a company slightly, and provide you with a better quote. Do not do this light heartedly however. Make sure you know exactly what is going on, and what sort of bargaining power you have, otherwise you may find yourself annoying the company rep and having them hang up on you! Make sure that you mention the fact that you are moving off peak and that you know that it is a low season for removals when you first get in touch and they will be aware that they are dealing with someone who knows their stuff and will hopefully not try to talk you in to paying more than you need to. After all, it’s all about doing your homework and being ahead of the game in this industry!

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