Loading Furniture Into The Removals Van

Loading Furniture Into The Removals Van

08 September 2014

When it comes to loading a removal van, you will find that you have to keep a fair amount in mind, in order that you avoid breaking anything. This will be essential if you are going to avoid any incidents surrounding your furniture getting beaten up whilst you are moving between locations. You will find that once you are aware of the issues, you can act to prevent them, but it can be harder than it sounds. Being able to load a van carefully and successfully may take a while to master, but if you are thinking about it early on, then you are more likely to get it right.

Preparing the furniture can be a good place to start. You should wrap any particularly delicate items up with edges of card to protect the extremities from breaking off, as well as preventing the edges form scraping anything else. You should have large pieces of card ready to slide between items that you don’t want to rub together. Some removals companies will provide packing blankets, that will be perfect for this kind of thing. You should be aware of wheat you place on top op of other things, as the feet of a chair may easily scrape the surface of a side board, leaving unsightly marks. You will no doubt understand that you need to prevent things sliding about as well, and if something is against a shiny surface, then this is all the more likely.

Locking things in to place by using the walls of the van is the best way toe sure that you are getting things sorted easily. You will find as well that you are much more likely to be able to keep things stable without the use of strapping with this method. Place larger and heavier items towards the front of the van, as the front wall will take a lot of weight. If you think about it, the force of braking when the van stops will be a lot more of an issue for the contents than the relatively lighter force of accelerating when the van moves off. However, both will induce enough force to have thing moving around, so it is still important that you have things butted up against the items towards the front of the van, to ensure that you are not at risk of them sliding back and crushing everything! Ensure that the taller pieces of furniture are lying flat if you can, to prevent them falling over. You need the largest surface area possible on the floor, to ensure that there is no chance of things being able to topple. A low centre of gravity is essentially your best friend.

Once you have put the heavier items in a place that you want them, you will do well to ensure that the spaces between are filled with boxes and other bits and pieces. Filling all available space will give you a much better chance of getting the best value for money from the van. However, be sure that you are not placing anything in danger by putting it between heavier things that could move easily. You will find that there is a lot to be said for layering the load, so that it is even across a horizontal plane, as this will prevent the chance of things falling form a height when they are stacked up above other things. Be careful and considerate of the movements of the van, and you should be fine!

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